Feel good from the inside out

With the new way to use your metabolism and

hormones to lose weight, permanently

(without starving or exercising like crazy)

Diets don’t work, right? That’s why you’re here.

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The truth is, most diets suck.

Hi I’m Naomi, the founder and creator of Badass Beat the Bulge and the Metaphase Method. And every diet you can think of, you name it, I’ve tried it (I was even breatharian for a while). The problem was I still didn’t lose any freaking weight. Talk about frustrating!

For over 20 years I experimented and researched science around nutrition, exercise, metabolism and hormones. What that means is I’ve created this program by combining the best science out there that uses your body to lose weight.

Diets don’t work because they’re one-size-fits-all and mostly designed by men who don’t have our awesome (and sometimes crazy) hormones.

If you’re sick of the time wasting, crappy cardboard food, exercising until you drop and wasting money on s*** that doesn’t work, you’re in the right place.

(p.s. wondering how I know what I’m talking about? I know my stuff not only from firsthand experience. Ive treated thousands of women just like you for 27 years. I am a Naturopath, speaker on womens’ empowerment and motivation plus i have written 4 cook books. These days i am a Womens’ thrive expert and Badass Body Coach.

Introducing the Metaphase Method

The new, science-backed way to unlock your metabolism and hormones to lose weight, with Badass Beat the Bulge

Imagine if you could lose weight using only these things:

  • Your metabolism
  • Hormones
  • Busting bs beliefs
  • Sleep
  • Food that’s actually delicious
  • Exercise designed to suit you

Sound good? That’s what you’ll get with the new Badass Beat the Bulge System. It’s like Body 2.0, designed to use your amazing female metabolism and hormones to help you lose weight.

Badass Beat the Bulge is a community of women like you looking for a no b.s. way to get results and feel good every day.

But hoooold up just a minute. If you’re reading this thinking, “I don’t have the time” or “it’s more important that I take care of my family”, this is for you:

It’s time to put yourself first. Because when you feel good, you become a better you for yourself and everyone you love. And if nothing changes, what will your life look like 12 months from now?

At Badass you’ll learn how to be the best, feel-good version of you.


Inspiration, motivation and a dose of badass love

Never feel alone again with support and virtual hugs from our Facebook community, and weekly doses of video motivation and love from our founder Naomi.

Lose weight from the inside out

You’ll learn how to be the best version of yourself with our proven tools and tips that bust those limiting beliefs to embrace your inner badass

The badass plan for never ending weight loss

Yes, you read that right. How? Using the Metaphase Method, designed by our founder Naomi, your food and your metabolism will become your body’s best friends

Harness your Hormonal Super Powers Exercise Plan

Everybody’s different, so your exercise is designed to work with your hormones and give you the best result. No killing yourself, exercise that fits with you and honours your body.


Metaphase Method Menus of Deliciousness

We have one food rule at Badass – no boring diet plans or tasteless foods allowed! You’ll get tasty, changing meals (including pizza) the family will love, with three recipe books our members love.

Badass whole body love

Imagine a weight loss plan that encourages you to sleep more… that’s what you get with Badass because your body loves rest, and you’ll learn how to lose weight while you sleep


FREE NEW MEMBER BONUS: Never plateau again

Join Badass Beat the Bulge System now to get your free copy of Set Point Shifter. Fact: at some point your body will plateau with weight loss. This is how you shift it and keep losing kgs.

Real awesome badass results

In 12 weeks you’ll learn the ultimate badass way to feel good from the inside-out and be in control of your body and your life for good.

Module One: Prepare For Success

Time to give your body the kickstart it needs for the best result with Phase One of the Metaphase Method. Set your goals for success the badass way.


Module Two: Mindset Is King

Stop self-sabotaging and blocking your success by addressing the real cause: your beliefs and habits. Understand your relationship with food to let go of your triggers.You’ll learn how to be the best version of yourself with our proven tools and tips that bust those limiting beliefs to embrace your inner badass


Module Three: Exercise Adventures

The key to your success that no other diet teaches? Hormones. In this module you’ll learn what exercise YOU need to do for weight loss utilising your hormones as your super powers.


Module Four: Lose Weight In Your Sleep

More energy, less stress. Sound good? You’ll learn how to master your sleep patterns to speed up your metabolism and lose weight in your sleep (cool, huh!?).


Module Five: Stress Stops Weight Loss

Learn how to lose belly fat with your mind; find out how to decrease stress and shift your mindset to lower your cortisol.

This is when you’ll start Phase two: Burn it up’s Menu


Module Six: Haywire Hormone Help

Stop those pesky hormones from blocking your weight loss and find out how Badass is helping you correct them with a hormonal balance focus.


Module Seven: Fat Deposit Shift

As you work through the Metaphase Method you’ll notice changes in your body. This module uses more science-backed research to show you what’s shifting and why. 

Module Eight: Set Point Shifter Release

This module breaks through all those reasons you’ve failed with diets before and gives you the secret to busting your set point, or past plateau problems.

Module Nine: Gut health and weight loss.

Is your gut stopping you from losing weight? Review the importance of the gut and how it is linked to weight loss, moods, cravings and appetite. It is the secret to your success.

Module Ten: Treat not cheat

Treat day is important for so many reasons.
Find out why restrictive diets and going without the things you love will lead you to weight gain and stress. Treat day is so important for awesome results.

Module Eleven: Happiness is consistency

The connection you have with yourself and the people you love helps you remain consistent and focused on your journey. Determine whether your relationships are affecting your ability to be consistent in all areas of your life.

Module Twelve: Blockages, Beliefs and Mindset

Are there hidden reasons that you don’t progress with previous plans and exercise routines. Clarify what blockages and beliefs are holding you back from moving forward in life and weight-loss.

12 weeks of Badass Beat the Bulge modules including weekly videos from Naomi plus tasks for weight loss and empowerment so you succeed


3 Metaphase Method Recipe Books of Deliciousness


LIFETIME Badass membership including access to modules, menus and our Facebook community for ongoing support, love and virtual hugs


BONUS: never plateau again with the Set Point Shifter Recipe Book


Total value $3,190

Join now for $497

(Psst: I charge $200 per hour for Badass Group Coaching sessions. But by joining this course you’re getting weekly videos from me and access to all my Metaphase, badass secrets – Naomi x)

A one-off easy payment
(the best deal)

$497 AUD

Payment plan
3 fortnightly payments of

$197 AUD


I’m already busy. How much time will this take every week?

You’ll be nourishing your body the right way so yes, there’s food prep for the best kind of badass body love. Put aside an extra 4 hours a week (that’s only half an hour a day!) to enjoy your Metaphase Menus of Deliciousness.

Will this work for me?

This is a no b.s. environment, so let’s be straight here: it takes some extra work to get awesome badass results. The million dollar question is: are you ready to be a badass and feel good about yourself? (If so, yasss!)

Do I have to exercise every day?

No way! Badass is different to every other diet program you’ve tried (awesome, right?). We request that you do not over exercise on this program. It is introduced a few weeks in on the program, depending what your hormones and other health markers are we will advise the best exercise type and volume for you. We expect results and overexercise can halt your progress.

How do I access the modules?

They’ll be emailed to you for eight weeks with a video, your module and any resources you need (like the delicious menus). As a Badass, you’ll also have lifetime access to materials. 

What’s the Metaphase Method?

A method our founder Naomi created from 20 years of scientific research and experimentation. A method of eating that continually changes so your body doesn’t get used to the same food. Sort of like when you train. You need to change your exercise to get results.

What if I need support? I’m worried I’ll “fall off the wagon”.

You know what? We all do that sometimes. Badass is all about supporting you, so the Facebook community is there to help you. Just so you know you can never “fall off the wagon i Badass” you just learn for next time.

Is this a monthly or yearly membership plan?

No! We have a one off payment for you only. No ongoing fees after your initial payment. We treat you how we would like to be treated. Pay once and it’s done unless you want an upgrade to the private mentoring package (Link here).

Do I have to buy expensive supplements like other programs?

You’re not required to buy any supplements from us. We love real food. If you upgrade to the private mentor program Naomi will advise you in your individualised health protocol. If you require any supplements for your health to help you get better results Naomi will write your individualised script.


What if I want to upgrade?

You are most welcome to upgrade at any time into the next level of Badass Beat The Bulge System. We encourage those who have not had success with programs in the past to be a member of the private mentoring program. Providing guaranteed results once and for all. The last diet you will ever have- thanks to the Metaphase Method. (link here)

What if I need to make an appointment with Naomi?

You can choose to upgrade to the private mentoring program which includes appointments with Naomi. In the coaching program you will have access to Naomi on the private Facebook page and also in the weekly live meetings. She is there to support you the whole way. You can upgrade at any time. Email us at support@badassbeatthebulge.com to find out more


P. S (references to bookings and weekly meetings are for private mentoring clients)